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Kelly Dwyer

Are you feeling increasingly overwhelmed and overcommitted? Thinking that your inner peace,
sense of purpose, and health goals are things you will eventually address? Do you hear yourself
saying, “Someday I’ll….” Fill in the blank!

I understand. I, too, was on a perpetual search for the elusive “Someday Isle,” a mythical place
where we have cleared our calendars, and organized and calmed our lives so we are left with
unlimited time, energy, and resources to achieve our own happiness and health goals, creating
balance and purpose.

Ironically, it was a health crisis that taught me a different way to reclaim my energy, manage
my stress, and find inner balance.

Along this journey to health and wellness, I discovered simple, yet powerful tools to help me
achieve my best self.

As a certified wellness coach, my goal is to help you transform your life into one that is full of
energy, vitality, and inner balance so you become your best you!

I invite you to learn more about my journey and the services I offer to individuals and
workplace teams to achieve a healthier, more productive way of living.

Workplace and Personal Wellness Coach

At Inner Balance Wellness, we understand that achieving mental, physical, and spiritual health isn’t easy for everyone, especially in our increasingly complex world. And it’s certainly not going to happen overnight. That’s why we’re here to help you make positive, lasting changes for your overall health. 


Our Certified Wellness Coach Kelly Dwyer guides workplace groups and individuals through the process of developing a vision for health and well-being and creating a positive mindset and healthy habits. We will encourage you through every step you take to accomplish your goals.

Workplace Wellness Workshops

We offer tailored Workplace Wellness Workshops for every need and budget. Empower your employees to use a healthier, low-stress approach to their work and personal lives. Reap rewards from your investment in the form of happier, healthier, and more productive employees!

• Workplace Mindfulness

• Stress Reduction

• Employee Well-being

• Work-Life Balance

Personal Wellness Coaching

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out, or simply stuck? Let our Certified Wellness Coach give you the tools you need to have a joyful, balanced, and healthy life.

• Reduce Stress

• Boost Energy

• Achieve Inner Peace

We’re here to help you make the positive long-standing changes needed to rediscover your energetic, vibrant self.

Corporate and Individual Wellness Coaching in NH

If you’re ready to make the positive changes required to achieve a healthy inner balance at work or in life, contact us to learn how! We provide employee wellness workshops and personal wellness coaching throughout the Greater Manchester area and beyond.

Kelly helped me to identify the key culprit for my teenage daughter’s emotional trauma from severe Lyme Disease that was keeping her brain stuck in sickness. The enormous challenges that Kelly personally overcame are inspiration and motivation enough, but her willingness to go above and beyond with clients is admirable. She’s a great listener, gently supportive, and very knowledgeable. Chronic illness is a very difficult journey to navigate through, and Kelly’s uniquely qualified to provide support and guidance toward healthier days, emotionally and physically.

— Christine S.


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