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Having experienced the feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted while trying to juggle family and career, and work through a health crisis, I realized I had to make some fundamental changes to truly to reclaim my wellness and joy. It took me almost a decade to finally create a holistic plan to feel well again in mind, body, and spirit.

Almost every woman I speak to experiences the same challenges:  being overwhelmed and exhausted and placing themselves last. They're looking for answers to feel empowered, energetic, and happy. I created my Signature

System because I am passionate about helping women reach their wellness goals and achieve a joyful, balanced, and healthy life!

Change your life in just 3 months!

Personal Wellness Coaching

Hi, I'm Kelly Dwyer and I'm a Certified Wellness Coach. I help overcommitted women in their 40’s and 50’s rediscover their energetic, vibrant selves so they can embrace a joyful, balanced, and healthy life. Read more about my 6-step program below. Let's get started on your wellness journey today!

The Overcommitted Woman’s Guide to Balanced Living: 

Rediscovering the Vibrant and Healthy YOU!

6 Proven Steps to Inner Joy for the Overcommitted Woman:

Step 1: Mindset Makeover

We’ll take a deep dive into the mind-body connection, exploring how our conscious and subconscious thoughts affect our health, happiness, and ability to achieve our goals.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the science of neuroplasticity to create new mind-body pathways for a healthier, more balanced life.

  • Transform your mind-body connections with a proven technique.

  • Use personalized guided imagery to promote a positive mindset and a winning “Can Do” attitude!

  • Tools you will receive:

         *Personalized guided imagery handouts

         *Mindset Makeover Action Plan

Overwhelmed with what to eat? Feeling stressed with the constant stream of new diets, food programs, and “breakthroughs” saturating the market?

Together we will explore what foods work for you and how to eat for energy, find freedom from food struggles, and create a new relationship with food.

You will learn:

  • Simple techniques for eating for energy every day
  • A proven strategy to change your relationship with food for the ultimate mindful eating 

  • How to successfully navigate food labels, grocery store aisles, and recipes 

  • How to eat sweet without energy-busting sugar!

  • Tools you will receive:

Step 2: Foods to Fuel

*Foods to Fuel Recipe Guide:

   5 Days of Simple, Energy Boosting Eating

*Top 10 Eating for Energy Snack List

*Savvy Shopper’s Planning Guide

*"Sweeten It Up":

   3 Delicious Recipes for Guilt-Free Indulgence

Step 3: Joyful Movement

Are you tired of feeling guilty every time you see the unused gym membership card on your keyring?! In this step, we will get to the root of your exercise resistance, and create a realistic plan that ends the guilt and leaves you feeling empowered, successful, and joyful about incorporating movement into your daily life.

We will explore:
• The 3 little-known secrets for permanent change and success 
• An Assessment Tool to tailor the perfect plan for YOU
• Tools you will receive:

         *Top 10 Pre and Post Exercise Snacks handout

         *Customized Joyful Movement Action Plan

Step 4: Mother Nature as Your Healing Partner

Numerous recent studies have documented the health benefits of connecting with nature.  In this step, you will discover simple, mindful activities to engage all of your senses and slip the health benefits right into your home and workspace, including effective ways to use Mother Nature’s gifts to detoxify your body and home. No weekend hiking/camping trip needed!

You will learn:
• Newly-published benefits of connecting with nature
• Mindful activities for daily indoors and outside

• Top 10 Ways to Detoxify your body, home & workspace
• Tools you will receive:

         *25 Easy Ways to Connect with Nature handout

         *Detoxification for Body and Home Guide

         *5 DYI Recipes for Healthy Cleaning Products 

Step 5: Attitude of Gratitude

Elevate your energy and daily outlook by developing an Attitude of Gratitude. In this step, we will examine the neuroscience behind a positive and focused mind-body connection and create a simple, quick daily practice to permanently alter your life’s “lens” so you can enjoy more abundant health and happiness!

You will learn:
• How to take “The Smile Challenge!” for instant happiness surges
• Journaling for Joy: Top 5 Secrets for Successful Journaling

• How to become a “Gratitude Elf” to increase other’s happiness
• Tools you will receive:

         *Journaling for Joy handout

         *Gratitude Elf Guidebook: 50 Easy and Fun Ways to Create a Joyful Atmosphere in the Home, Office, and Community

Step 6: Self-Care Essentials

No more putting yourself at the back of the line! Guilt-free self-care is critical to a healthy, balanced, and productive life, happy relationships, and personal well-being.

We will explore:
• The top obstacle to achieving a thriving self-care approach: The “Someday ‘Isle’ ” mindset
• Easy, joyful activities designed to refresh and replenish your mind, body, and spirit

• Proven techniques to identify and create a meaningful, guilt-free self-care plan
• Tools you will receive:

         *Personalized self-care laminated cards for easy planning

         *Custom designed Overcommitted Woman’s Self-Care Plan

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