Inner Balance Results

Having personally experienced Kelly's coaching this past year, I am excited to say I have reached my wellness goals. She is very supportive, motivating, and has great listening skills. I appreciate her empathy and am very impressed with her perception. Even though I have reached my initial goal, I am continuing with her coaching. I have found her to be inspiring and indispensable as I continue with growth in other areas of my life. I feel like she believes in my success, yet holds me accountable without judgment. I now feel unstoppable!

—Dianne G.

“Working with Kelly helped me develop strategies to reduce stress and discover new ways of thinking about managing my time. She listened to my concerns and together we created a plan. The support she offered after our meetings helped me follow through!”

— Donna G.

“Kelly is an incredible person. She is kind and compassionate and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. She's a fantastic listener and very intuitive and supportive, and is great at helping people process what they are thinking and suggesting a variety of options for different personality types so that people can move forward in a positive and beneficial way”

— Angie K.


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