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You are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
You are feeling like you are “stuck in a rut.”
You are wondering if you will ever find time for YOU.
You wish you could experience more joy.
You never seem to have time for healthy eating.
You just don’t feel good about yourself.
You feel as if there is something standing in the way of reaching your goals.

About Kelly Dwyer

A Certified Wellness Coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP), Kelly is passionate about helping women achieve happier, healthier, and joy-filled lives with her 6-step Signature Coaching System.  In working with her clients, Kelly draws upon her own experiences of healing from a chronic, debilitating illness and life-threatening accident. 


Kelly is a certified elementary school teacher in NH. Also, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and a Master of Science in Business Administration.

My Journey

As a busy woman juggling a career and family, I did not have time for a debilitating chronic illness! But in 2009, strange neurological symptoms led me on a two-year exhausting search for answers as I saw dozens of specialists. Finally, a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease set me upon an eight-year journey of powerful antibiotics, herbs, and supportive therapies to reclaim my once vibrant health and energy.


In February of 2011, when I was just beginning my Lyme treatment, I fell through the ice while snowshoeing, suffering a profound hypothermic event. Alone while darkness descended, I remained submerged to my neck in icy water for two hours. A heroic rescue by dozens of firefighters and paramedics brought me to the first hospital where CPR and warming efforts continued for hours. Ultimately, I was sent to a major trauma hospital where a cardio-pulmonary by-pass machine enabled my heart to start beating again. However, my brain activity was barely detected. I remained in a coma for five days. My family was told that the chances of my survival and recovery were astronomically low. But twelve days after my accident, I stunned the medical community when I walked out of the hospital with only nerve damage to my hands.


By 2017, my treatment for Chronic Lyme was finished, but I still struggled with the symptoms of the disease. I had feelings of despair, often wondering how I survived and miraculously healed from my hypothermic event, yet could not heal from Lyme. My healing epiphany came when I discovered that the insidious and chronic nature of Lyme Disease had created a subconscious mindset of illness. My brain was convinced I was still sick, therefore my body responded to these messages.


With determination and a new-found understanding of how our subconscious minds and neuroplasticity of the brain work together, I set the goal of ultimately healing myself and reclaiming the vibrant health and energy I had once enjoyed! I was so amazed by the simple, yet powerfully effective tools I discovered to change my mindset that I decided to become a certified wellness coach to help others shift their mindset to live a balanced, healthy, and vibrant life.

Drawing upon my extensive background as an educator and workshop facilitator, I have created workshops and coaching programs designed to support both individuals and groups in making lasting, positive changes. I have coached people using the science of a positive mindset and rewiring the brain to help them achieve their goals, attain a new level of peace and wellbeing, and live happier lives. I have heard numerous times that the most effective aspect of my coaching is that I empower people to be their own healers and motivators!


My Approach

When you work with me, you are never alone. We are a team! I am here to support you, guide you, and encourage you through the transformative process to achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.


As your personal wellness coach, I use a holistic approach to listen carefully and help you navigate the contradictory world of information and advice to determine what changes and action steps best support you and your goals.

Ready to get started?

Click the link below to start your new journey. Have more questions? I love hearing from you! Feel free to contact me, Kelly Dwyer, with any questions you have concerning my services or approach. I will be sure to contact you shortly with a follow-up email. I am so excited to help you on your journey towards establishing your inner balance! Let's get started today!


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