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Whether you are looking to promote team spirit or a create a better work environment, join a workshop to boost and maintain your staff's wellbeing.

Workplace Wellness Workshops - in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Discover ways to improve employee wellbeing:

Your employees are your greatest asset. Supporting their wellbeing through workplace wellness workshops and programming is an investment that will pay off in a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Many businesses and organizations who offer corporate wellness programs report higher workplace morale and lower employee turnover. As a result, personnel and recruitment costs are reduced as your organization becomes a desirable place to work and grow.

What will be covered in the Workshops:

• Tailored Workplace Wellness Programs

• Stress Reduction at Work

• Workplace Mindfulness

• Employee Wellbeing

• Individual and Group Wellness Coaching

Corporate Wellness Workshops for Businesses and Organizations

Whether you own a small business or manage a large corporate office or nonprofit organization, we can design tailored workplace wellness workshops that meet your specific needs and budget. Employees are empowered to use a healthier, happier, low-stress approach to their work and personal lives, resulting in permanent beneficial changes.

Our workshops give teams:

  • A concrete framework for understanding the science behind health and wellness concepts, and how to successfully change behaviors and mindsets.

  • Specific steps and tools to create permanent changes in employee health and wellness behaviors with the goal of achieving a happier, more energetic, and vibrant, approach to work and personal life.

  • Strategies to help employees support each other in implementing a permanent positive mindset, healthy lifestyle and habits–increasing the cohesiveness of the team.

Empowered Employees: 

Creating a Workplace Culture of Mindfulness, Health, and Happiness

Are you ready to empower your employees to positively change your workplace culture? This workshop is a great place to start.

Core Components:

  • Mindfulness and the tools for a positive mindset makeover for optimum health and wellness

  • Creating an “Attitude of Gratitude” to improve health, happiness and personal achievement

  • Self-Care Essentials: Why taking care of yourself is the best investment you can make and how to do it effectively

Supportive Components:

  • Foods to fuel your energy, concentration, and overall wellness

  • Activities and movement to quickly and efficiently improve your energy, weight loss, and overall well-being

  • Beneficial connections to nature to increase health, reduce stress, and promote joy

Employee Wellness Workshop Program Packages


Basic: 1.5 hour interactive workshop format

This package includes an abbreviated discussion of the core and supportive concepts and tools, and the creation of action steps for work/home changes. Two to three weeks after the workshop, a one-hour follow-up session will be held to support team members as they are implementing action steps.



Our Wellness Workshop Series includes 3 one-hour interactive workshops. Our certified wellness coach will provide an in-depth discussion of the core concepts and an abbreviated discussion of the supportive concepts. Tools for change and targeted action steps are presented within each one-hour session. Two weeks after the conclusion of the series, a one-hour follow-up session will be held to support team members as they are implementing action steps.



Includes four one-hour interactive workshops, and an in-depth discussion of core and supportive concepts, tools, and action steps for work/personal life changes. Two follow-up coaching sessions are also included— one scheduled after the second workshop, and the other scheduled three weeks after the conclusion of the series to support team members in their implementation of action steps.

All of our workplace wellness programs can be customized to meet your organization’s goals for employee long-term health and wellness.

Reviews and Testimonials from Past Workshops:

"Talk about a coach!! Kelly immediately engages people in her presentation with her enthusiasm for her subject, whether it is ways to connect with nature or how to get yourself motivated for everyday life skills. Kelly is an upbeat person and you can’t help but feel drawn into her presentation as she probes her audience with questions and feedback on a topic. Should you need a reminder, she provides excellent support materials for consideration after the workshop. Kelly’s vibrant presentations are the perfect model for how to live a more joyful, balanced, and healthy life in today’s stressful environment. Bring your smile with you. You will use it to develop your own positive attitude!!"

-Jean S.

"Kelly is a great listener and able to connect with others in a way that they are encouraged to ask questions, engage in discussions, and come to an understanding of the subject matter. She can meet a variety of learning needs, even in a group setting. Questions are always welcome and you become increasingly eager to have the learning be a conversation. Kelly is a delightful person. She is warm and friendly, quick with a smile, and shows interest in those around her. She is the kind of person you want to be your friend and just spend time with. Kelly is a born teacher and has the ability to connect with others in a fun, engaging way. Materials are always on-point, easy to understand, and full of information. They are a useful guide to continue your progress at living a better, more healthy life!"      -Dawn G.

Certified Personal and Corporate Wellness Coach in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

All of our workplace wellness programs are led by Certified Wellness Coach Kelly Dwyer. Kelly has a passion for educating both individuals and groups on how to reduce stress and bring mindfulness, joy, creativity, and productivity into the workplace.


Contact Kelly today to learn how she can help you meet your corporate wellness goals.

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